Soho House Toronto Pop Up Gym

2015 - 2016 Pop Up Gym was a very special project for the crew at Revenge Gym. Marie Bodine, successfully ran the programming for this year long pop up installation at the Soho House Toronto. During our residency, we were able to create and execute group fitness classes such as How To Look Good Nake, Varsity Allstars, Prison Break and Dirty Boxing to name just a few.

FitMind Project

We are all aware of  how exercise, good nutrition and a full nights sleep benefits your physical health. However, few know about the growing data on how these same three components can positively effect the mind.

Summer 2016 gave Marie and I a wonderful opportunity to work with BaAM Productions and Union Station. Every Saturday morning, we were given the Union Square Main Stage to deliver our own brand of Fitness and Healthy Living Entertainment. We would like to thank all of the pedestrians and tourist that took part in our demonstrations as well as the staff that helped make our show flawless.