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Revenge Gym is an intimate, class focused boutique gym in the Heart of Parkdale, Toronto’s most outrageous neighbourhood. Each program that owner / operator Todd Battle coaches are uniquely his own, infusing his love for creativity and technology along with his  flair for theatrics.   Revenge Gym is also outfitted with a full professional broadcasting studio delivering multicam live broadcasts as well as over 100 professionally produced podcasts of The Marie Bodine Show.


Home Of Toronto's Only Cannabis Infused Pain Relief Class

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Designed to directly address the pain we accumulate throughout our daily grind. Parkdale Pain Eraser focuses on sore muscles and stressed lives that debilitate us both physically and mentally.





Every element of Parkdale Pain Eraser,  has been curated to work synergistically between all parts. One form enhances the other in an "entourage effect", giving flow and support in each segment.


Set to soothing music and soft flowing visuals that cast shadows and light throughout the studio, participants can choose their favourite organic herbal tea, with or without CBD.




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"The Stitch"


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Prison Break is a hard grind of strength, endurance and sweat inspired by the actual training techniques used by prison inmates. Your cell and all that it contains is your resistance. Instead of prison bars, a cell floor and pillowcase full of books, Revenge Gym’s Prison Break mimics these routines with Equalizer bars, Slam Balls and a Towel.


Revenge Gym Is Pleased To

Announce Coach Zac Kieri, Toronto's Only Certified TACFIT Instructor


Zac Kieri


TACFIT helps anyone access their innate fitness potential, by restoring their function in reality-based, practical movement: the way your body was designed and has evolved to freely move without pain. Instead of the conventional “boot camp” mentality, which emphasizes unnecessarily long aerobic work, TACFIT is 20 minutes of safely intense exercise (preceded by target specific warm-up exercises and followed by customized compensatory cool-down exercises).




Todd Battle Live - This Wednesday @ 12pm - Toronto on Youtube Live!

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Parkdale Pain Eraser - Prison Break

Parkdale Pain Eraser Monday to Friday 8PM Saturday and Sunday - Prison Break Monday to Friday 9AM Satuday and Sunday 11AM

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TACFIT - Monday to Friday 10AM

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